Oct 292016

aCongratulations Peter Bonsall-Boone and Peter de Waal, pictured here seated in the front, who today celebrated their golden anniversary. Dozens of friends, loved ones and supporters in the community gathered at Glebe Town Hall to celebrate not only their 50-year union, but also their years of advocacy, activism and community service. The day culminated with Peter and Bon exchanging rings in what was a truly heartwarming and tender ceremony. Congrats Peter and Bon!


Oct 262016

“LGBTQ elders have not only been asked to keep their stories and lives quiet and in the closet, but they’ve seen more progress in their lifetime than any other generation has or will,” said Nathan Manske, Founder and Executive Director of I’m From Driftwood.

“We’re incredibly grateful that Comcast and SAGE — the country’s largest cable provider and the country’s largest organization dedicated specifically to LGBTQ elders — are helping us collect and share these important stories.”

To find “What Was It Like” on XFINITY On Demand, subscribers can use their voice remote to access all LGBT entertainment by saying “LGBT.” For those with no voice remote, on X1: navigate to “Popular Destinations: LGBT Film & TV.” On Native: Go to “On Demand: LGBT Film & TV.” You can also find the program at xfinity.com/lgbt.

I’m From Driftwood has collected more than a thousand stories since 2009.

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