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2001-02-27-14-29-54The main part of the site is organized as a Blog. In this Blog you find all sort of topics and also pictures and videos. We would need some users who are willing to write some articles for the Blog

GaySen.com is a site for seniors and their friends - we will find a way to bring people together. You also find a lots of links to other senior sites and articles so you can inform yourself what is hot on the Internet.

We are trying with this website to serve the senior gay community. Men 55+ are even discriminated on by their own community. We would like to make a difference, so mature men do not feel as outsiders any more. In order to do that we need your help – please get involved and do something on this site or make your own. We put on links to other gay senior websites, so you can find your best to fit you. With most of the blogs you will find a link so you can go further if a topic interests you.

Sorry, we lost all the postings when we changed the server . This site will grow again and we will always find something to make the site better.


In would like to present something out of the Norm. It has something to do with Spirituality and religion. There is a group of people, who are inspired by a group of Franciscans. I am aware that in the past rom cath. churches did treat many gays badly. I would like to introduce to you the Parish of Sts. Francis and Clare. The Parish is not connected with Rom and all the problems which are coming from there. Gay men and Women are very welcome and also woman priests - It follows a little introduction  

Franciscans of Ft Lauderdale

Franciscans of Ft Lauderdale

Parish of Sts Francis and Clare    

Address: 101 NE 3rd Street, Ft Lauderdale, FL 33301

Mass times: Saturday: 5 PM   Sunday: 10 30 AM  - All are welcome 

We, the family of the Parish of Sts. Francis & Clare are a Catholic, Christian community that reaches to all God’s people by providing a living witness to all called from various and diverse backgrounds – all are welcome to the table of Jesus. As followers of Francis, we are called to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of every person as God’s gift to us. In the spirit of Franciscan joy , we go forth to proclaim the Good News – using words if necessary.

We want to welcome the entire community enjoy the warmth and love of our parish by participating in the sacramental life of the Church; especially who have been turned away by others.


baptize both children and adults

SERVICES AVAILABLE AT THE PARISH OF ST. FRANCIS AND CLARE • We perform marriages at our church or a location special to you. We work with you to make this the beautiful and blessed event that it is intended to be. • We officiate at funerals and memorial services, making this sacred time meaningful to those who both mourn and celebrate the passing on of our loved ones. • We graciously baptize both children and adults and welcome them into God’s family. • We offer the rite of reconciliation, as well as all the other sacraments. • A special mission is the blessing of animals and grief counseling for those who have to say goodbye to their long time companions.
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